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Welcome to Evolve Media Sales

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

We are passionate about making a difference


Our team has more than 35 years’ of experience working with media companies from all around the world. As we begin our journey together in 2020, we aim to bring you the latest, innovative solutions and inspiration to take your media business to the next level.

It’s all about understanding and appreciating the mindset of both your sales team and your potential advertisers. Through our thorough, intellectual and creative content we will equip you with the tools to succeed.

Our founder, Nick Shaw created Evolve Media Sales with the mission to help media companies around the globe to achieve more than they ever could on their own. It’s about transforming attitudes, being bold and embracing change in this evolving media landscape. With his team, Nick has developed a structured and innovative programme that encapsulates a proven formula that is guaranteed to transform your sales strategy.

All we need, is enthusiasm.

If you, and your team are enthused, prepared for hard work and ready for positive action you will begin to reap the rewards of increased productivity from the Evolve Advertiser Acquisition model. After all, you have developed your media company and curated your team to enable your business to thrive. You hire the best staff for the job and truly have faith in your media platforms. All you need now, is that final piece of the puzzle to increase your commercial revenue and transform your leads into sales.

At Evolve Media Sales, our passion is quite literally in the name. We provide the tools, knowledge and experience to enable evolution. Evolution to reenergise; Evolution to excel; Evolution to give your advertisers confidence that they are doing business with a brand they can trust, work with and get positive results for the long term.

This isn’t a quick fix, short-term, see-you-later type of approach. This is a cultural shift. A culture of ensuring your company evolves with the media industry, the financial climate and most importantly, the needs of your advertisers.

When we work with our media partners, we make a commitment to stay with you from the very beginning throughout the whole process, to ensure every element is fulfilled, the goals stay in sight and the success is celebrated through great results and a positive team ethos.

And that’s it! We work with radio stations, news outlets, digital media providers and much more. We love sharing our experience and skills with the deeply diverse and engaging media world we have out there today. So if you’re ready to evolve your media company and join us on our mission for more engaging, productive and proactive media sales, get in touch with us today.

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