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Turning Your Business into a Brand

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

When you started your business, you no doubt had strong visions over how it would look. You knew exactly the type of business you want to run, and you knew the type of consumer you want to attract. However, having that solid concept of what your business will aim to be doesn’t mean your potential consumers will appreciate it right away. That’s why building your brand through a solid collection of foundational steps is highly important.

Like any great building project, the house is only as strong as the groundwork, and you do that by putting in the time, effort and investment into these foundations. But, where to start? For this, we like to focus on two words only…

Community and Consistency.

Community: The best place to start when looking to build your brand in the local market is long-standing, trusted local media. Consumers already know and trust their local media outlets such as newspapers and radio. They are familiar, they are comfortable, they are well-known household names that the community have engaged with year after year. So, by connecting your business with those trusted media partners, you’re letting your consumers know you are a brand to trust.

These are names you want your brand to be engaging with. After all, the wide, online marketplace is becoming a rather sticky field to tread. Not to mention the flurry of ‘fake news’ we are showered with day after day through the internet and social media! It has now been found that many consumers are turning back to their local, trusted media forms, and this is where the purchasing journey really begins.

The Eurobarometer survey 2018 study found that radio was trusted by 59% of the population, and 47% for press. It also reported that the gap between the levels of trust in these established media and unregulated online platforms has grown in recent years, with 32% saying they trust the internet and only 19% social media. With stats like these, it’s easy to see why press and radio have stood the test of time throughout the digital age and still remain the chosen marketing partner for brands big and small. Consistency: Blending a concrete foundation for your brand building requires more than just choosing the right marketing channel in your community. It requires consistency. This element requires a long-term strategy which eliminates the risk of your brand slipping out of that all-important top of mind awareness. After all, your potential consumer may not be in need of your product or service right away, but if they consistently hear your name and your message, you will remain in their minds so as soon as they come to making that purchase decision, you’re the one they call. Slow and steady wins the race here. The more consistent the message, the more chance you’ll have of capturing a larger audience, for longer.

So, when you’re looking to start a brand new business, switch things up with a rebrand, or you need to give your business a healthy boost of awareness, make sure you consider local, trusted media like press and radio to tell your story to those people you really want to engage with. Online may be a fast, high energy world, that of course plays a part in any marketing plan, however local media provides those all-important solid foundation to allow your business to build and grow your brand in the years ahead.

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