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Turning trends into opportunities

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

Consumers trends that are coming your way in 2020


At Evolve Media Sales, for us to help guide our media partners in the best way possible, we need our fingers on the marketing pulse. We need to know what trends work well, what elements of the marketing mix are essential and what creative strategies are required to take a media business forward into this brand-new decade.

However, it’s not just about understanding the key marketing principles to grab attention, sustain interest and create a reaction. We also need a deeper understanding and appreciation for the consumers themselves. That’s why, when we work with our media partners, we don’t just get to know them, their marketplace and their way of working. We also like to gain a better understanding and get into the psyche of their potential advertisers. After all, if we don’t know who we’re selling to, how do we know how to sell it?

And so, as we embark on a fresh new year, we’ve taken a brief look at some of the consumer trends that are set to come our way over the year ahead…

Lean and Green: Yep, it’s been a huge conversation over the last twelve months, and it’s set to get even stronger this year. There’s no denying that consumers are being savvier about their purchases. They want to feel comfortable that they are being as ethical as they can with the choice they have before them. Whilst consumers aren’t necessarily enticed by a business boasting about their eco-friendliness, they ARE put off by those being the exact opposite. So, the more a business can develop a cleaner, greener way of working, the more chance it has to be the brand of choice.

Metamorphosis: Ahhh yes, that age-old devil on the shoulder that the “customer is always right”. Well, whilst this may not always be the case in business, it’s safe to say that consumers are becoming more demanding than ever before, and a business that can adapt with the times and provide consumers an experience of personalisation and convenience is set to thrive this year. Better yet, if you can stand strong with your offering and not tailor it exactly to every individual, but create clever content and personal strategies, whilst making every person feel valued, you’re onto a winner!

Digital Domination: It’s nothing new that digital continues to play a huge part in the consumer marketplace. A business that is online, on demand and on top of the digital world is sure to be a successful one. However, consumers don’t just want you to be online, they want the reassurance of the safety of their data. Financial and data security is becoming a huge fear and risk for consumers, so you need to offer them a comfort blanket through the uncertainty of what happens to their information online. Be clear, be sensible and be the brand that is worth both their money and their trust.

Service is the Star: The final big consumer trend we are extremely interested in is the fact that we’ll see a tectonic shift in how consumers are engaged by a brand. No longer are businesses selling their products, but they are selling services around those products. It’s all about assurance. When consumers buy from you, they are not just buying into your product, they are buying into your brand, your ethos and your ongoing support. Be sure to offer a longstanding relationship proposition to let your consumers know you care. This will increase sales AND guarantee brand loyalty in the future. It's not what you sell, it’s how you sell it.

The ever-changing world of the consumer can be tricky to stay up to date with. It can be frustrating to master a technique and an approach, only to find the consumers have moved on. However, there’s a reason for the shifts. Let’s not see these trends as challenges, let’s see them as opportunities and embrace it!

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