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Tomorrow is coming...

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

It’s 2021! Yes, it may not feel like it, and it may feel like we are just living in a continual extension of the uncertainty and negativity of 2020, but a new year is upon us and tomorrow is coming. Last year was certainly filled with a rollercoaster of emotions and so many demands on our personal and professional energy levels, that it just feels good to say we have got through it! However, through adversity comes creativity, determination and togetherness. Those three things really are something we should all feel proud of from the last year, and something we can take forward beyond the pandemic into the future. And that future is looking bright!

In a quiet moment, feel free to curl your feet up onto the sofa with a mug of your favourite coffee and take stock of what you have achieved in the last year. It really is quite amazing! Whether you home schooled the kids or just kept them smiling; Maybe you were on furlough, got made redundant or found yourself in a completely new and uncertain place professionally – you got through it! Or maybe you run a business… well… if so! Where do we start?

The resolve of business owners across the globe throughout this historic moment in time has been a testament to the strength of humans through hardship. From restaurants opening and closing constantly, whilst navigating their way through new delivery options, to retailers focusing their efforts on their digital offering and enabling their customers to buy online. It’s been a test, but it’s created opportunities too. And the things we have learned over the last year can be used in the future to make our businesses stronger, better connected with our customers and more prepared for whatever the future holds.

After all, adaptability is the key. It’s not just the pandemic which is so unpredictable. So is life itself. And with the ability to give your business the tools and skills it needs to be malleable means it can shapeshift into whatever form will create success. Consumers are still out there. They may not be in need of your product or service right now, but they will be, and the more you can prepare for that, stay focused and stay top of mind for when they are ready, the more chance you’ll have to thrive in 2021 and beyond.

How do you communicate with your potential and existing customers right now? Of course, we aren’t seeing people face to face as much as we would like, but people are still there. People still crave connection, communication and conversation. Now is the time to adapt our communication for the better, and for the longer term. Virtual club meet ups, zoom product parties with special offers, social media groups, email newsletters, regular virtual coffee dates, whatever it takes! The more we can allow our businesses to embrace these new ways of communicating, the more our customers will enjoy our efforts, our company and value that relationship you are continuing to build. Let’s face it, relationships, friendships and conversation is what is keeping us all going! I think we’ve all learnt the importance of those we love throughout all of this, but the need for relationships and connection goes beyond our nearest and dearest. Our relationship with our favourite local businesses is something that provides a rich and welcoming community for the place we call home.

And so, whilst this may have been one of the toughest years ever for every business out there, it has also been the most creative.

We cannot wait to see the opportunities 2021 brings our media partners around the world. Tomorrow is coming and with the right people and processes in place, every business can make the next chapter one that is full of unlimited potential.

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