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Time to shine

Updated: Jun 19, 2020

The world has shifted on its axis lately. At work, at home, wherever we are, we have gained a newfound appreciation for what really matters; and what we really need. Children are gazing adoringly at a new type of hero. Adults are finding a slower pace to stretch out and ease themselves into every corner of every day. Everyone is appreciating the connection they need from loved ones and there’s a strong grit and determination to be found in finding ways to maintain that connection. And if its connection people are truly craving, then this is a time for the media industry to show exactly what it’s there for.

At times like these, local media companies are there to show each and every one of us that, even though we are isolating, we do not need to feel isolated. This is a time in which the industry can step up, provide high quality content and be right at the heart of it all. Whether it’s newspapers or online news outlets, radio stations or TV channels, everybody has come to rely on their chosen output for the latest and breaking news. Now, more than ever, we need to know, understand, digest and act upon the news that is given to us. It's not just about ‘knowing’ what’s going on, we need a sound appreciation for everything that is happening so we can do the best by our country, by our town, by our street, by our home, by our loved ones. This pandemic may be a worldwide issue, but our actions start at home, and it’s the power of local media which enables us to feel connected to the wider world, whilst creating a stronger bond to our neighbours around us.

But of course, it goes so much deeper than that. Radio, newspapers and online media outlets aren’t just there to keep us up to date with the must-know news of the day. We NEED our local media for so much more than that.


We all need relief. We all need a lift. We all need escapism. The media industry is a sure-fire way to provide entertainment and that bittersweet relief from the reality we have to endure. So, this is a time for the industry to step up, embrace the challenge and offer solutions that go beyond the call of duty.

If you work for or run a media company, have you updated your messaging, your logos, your branding to promote and support the government guidelines on social distancing? Are you giving thanks and shouting out to ALL those key-workers (including those not always mentioned)? Have you adapted your playlist or columns to be mindful and respectful of the challenging times we are facing?

Advertisers also need to be shifting their focus and developing new ways to maximise their campaigns. Radio in particular is seeing a sharp rise in listening figures this quarter, so advertisers need to update their audio, reiterate their key messages and stay top-of-mind at all times.

As with everything in this industry, it’s all about creativity. We need to be creative to ensure everyone receiving the very best response from their marketing activity. From news to entertainment, from music to photography, people need our industry more than ever, and it’s our time to show them what we are made of.

It’s time to shine!

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