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Sales Training with Live Ammunition

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

Having a great sales team is something we all strive for in the media industry. The tenacity, the warmth and the skill they bring to any brand is something that is truly spectacular and when you have a sales team all working efficiently, effectively and proactively, there are no limits to what your company can achieve.

However, even the most talented, gifted and experienced sales personnel can develop their skills and push their own boundaries to what they think they can achieve. With regular sales training and personal development sessions, your media company can unlock so much more.

At Evolve Media Sales we are firm believers that every media organisation needs to continuously evolve as time goes on. Whether that’s to adapt to the current and future markets they operate in or to effectively grow their business to take it to the next level. In order to evolve successfully, everyone within the organisation needs to be ready to take on new challenges and not be afraid to push themselves. It’s all about accepting that it’s ok not have all the answers, but we can better ourselves further by trying to find them. And so, one of the main areas of our work is personal development. Often something dismissed by many, this is a crucial part in getting the most out of your sales team. Personal development ensures your business doesn’t go stagnant and that the employees within it are continually striving for success, and ensuring that every action they take on a daily basis leads towards the goals laid before them.

Personal development allows us to go deep into the psyche of individuals and appreciate what makes them tick. We want to understand their characteristics and begin to fully realise why they do what they do. Once we do this, we can begin to lay out steps that are tailored to them to help them achieve their goals. If we don’t set goals or targets, then we are unable to provide the right environment to guarantee success. And, once we have crafted the perfect performance plan to help an individual to grow and develop within their role and their career, we can provide more customised sales training within that area of expertise.

It doesn’t matter whether a team member is brand new to the wonderful world of sales, or they consider themselves to be an expert in it. Everyone needs training. There’s always something new to learn. Markets, consumers and industries are continuously changing and so an efficient sales force will be adaptable and ready to sell, whatever the circumstances. Training in any area of work keeps the brain fresh and keeps the focus on the cause in a brilliant way. But sales training in particular is a great way to remind account managers about the importance of administration and record-keeping, sharing new sales methodologies and improving communication skills; all things which are useful to media sales teams new and experienced. Of course, let us not forget the all-important tool of overcoming objections! We can help anticipate objections and offer techniques on overcoming them with ease leading to that crucial close of the deal.

If you want your media company to be successful into 2021 and not only survive one of the most challenging years we have faced in business, but thrive beyond it, you need to ensure your team are up for the challenge, excited to aim high and hungry for success.

Our sales transformation programmes are tailored, highly effective and of course enjoyable. We can guarantee that your media sales team will leave from their time with us feeling energised, enthused and eager to close that next deal.

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