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Harnessing the Power of Sound

Updated: Jan 26, 2021

At Evolve Media Sales, we provide our media partners with a range of marketing solutions to help their advertisers across a variety of industries. We guarantee our unique sales strategy provides tangible success, no matter the size or type of media business you operate. With the right tools, the right mindset and the right approach, your business can thrive in this ever-changing digital world.

However, one area that has really stood the test of time in this fast-paced world is RADIO.

Radio is the original media outlet that embraced that personal connection with the consumer, it’s like no other medium out there. Thanks to the ability and positivity from those working in radio, it has been able to thrive, even in this digital demanding age of the consumer.

It’s all about playing to the strengths radio has, above any other medium out there…


Although only having sound may seem like a restrictive factor for those looking to advertise in radio, its actually quite the opposite. The power of sound is something that knows no bounds. With sound, there are no limits to what you can achieve, this is what we like to call the ‘Theatre of the Mind’. This is something, that when harnessed correctly, can create a compelling campaign that immerses the listener into your world, engages them creatively and stays with them until they become a today customer. When they do become that ‘today customer’, you are the business they think of first.

Applying the Theatre of the Mind in radio commercials requires creative thinking and a brave attitude. The human brain is able to imagine anything… Just think about the weird and wonderful dreams we have when we’re asleep! So, when you combine the perfect voice, sound effects and music, you can connect to the listener and allow them to imagine your business, your environment and your unique selling point in just thirty seconds.

Just like the finest Broadway shows need the perfect mix of performers, musicians and crew to make magic in the theatre, we need the flawless connection between all elements in a commercial…

The Script

This is the most important and defining stage in our show. The script lays the foundations for the creativity in sound to follow. The script must be compelling, engaging and balance the need for important information with engaging innovation. The right script will make the listener ‘feel’. If the listener engages with the script emotionally, they will react to the campaign. The perfect opener, language and closing statements must reflect personality and engage throughout.

The Voice

The voice is the main, most recognisable, and important element of the theatrical masterpiece. A voice must represent both the brand and the consumer. Deciding on the personality that needs to be portrayed will dictate the path we take here, is the business young, vibrant, fresh and funky? Or is it traditional, warm, sophisticated and stylish? These personality traits will be an important factor in ensuring the voice is a true representation of the brand.

The Music

Not all commercials need music, some of the most powerful campaigns have no music or effects at all. However, if a fuller sound is required, with production depth and style, music is a great way to engage a listener. Again, this music should reflect the brands personality. As music has such a powerful influence over all our emotions, it can have a great effect. Dramatic, fast-paced music can make us feel anxious and need to act. Slow, classy and calm music can make us feel relaxed and reflect a business of elegance. Music plays a big part in theatre, just like radio.


Again, not all commercials use sound effects. But SFX are possibly the most powerful element in utilising the Theatre of the Mind. You can take the listener anywhere in the world (or out of this world!) with the sounds that take them there. Just close your eyes and listen to lapping waves on a beach… You’re picturing yourself there, right? Sound effects are demanding on time in a 30 second commercial, but they may just be the star of the show throughout the length of the campaign.

The world of media is constantly changing. This means those in sales and those in creative need to work together to constantly innovate and create campaigns that push boundaries using all of the tools we have at our fingertips.

Radio is thriving in this digital world, and by harnessing the power of sound, your business will become the star of the show.

So, sit comfortably, the performance is about to begin…

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